Top things to look for in bluetooth speakers

We have taken a interest in bluetooth speakers recently as they have proven to become more and more popular and have even begun replacing what were traditionally thought to be better sound systems. Even ten years ago large stereo systems which were very expensive were the way forward but now the smaller range of bluetooth speakers seems to be taking over. This is interesting as no one is claiming that the bluetooth speakers are better quality or are louder but they are obviously more company and mobile.

Size seems to be the most important factor when buying speakers these days unless you are looking for a surround system or something more permanent. Most bluetooth speakers available today are quite small and light and can even run on batteries or are rechargeable. This leads bluetooth speakers to be popular with those on the move a lot such a backpackers and people who work in different areas a lot. But make no mistake just because these speakers are small it does not mean they do not pack a punch!

The sound quality varies obviously depending on the price range but on the whole most of the speakers offer really good quality for their size. Most of the better speakers will have a small woofer to offer a deeper sound as the speakers with a “tinny” sound are usually the ones to avoid. A lot of speakers are also waterproof and there are even bluetooth speakers designed especially for the shower that come with a sticker and waterproof casing. So these are the main things to look out for but obviously check reviews before buying as always!



The Future of Electronics is Refurbished Products

Welcome to our site and the first blog post of our new website. We are still working on the design but thought it was important to start off with some content to get the ball rolling and begin our crusade into the world of electronics and gadget news. Our first post involves discussing the potential of refurbished electronics and how we see it as the future in the tech world. Although in general electronics have being getting cheaper and more affordable some brands such as Apple who sell premium products are only increasing their prices and they release a superior product. The obvious product in this case is with the refurbished iphone and Refurbished iPhone 5S which has become a popular selection recently as it is really the only affordable way to get your hands on a new iPhone.

For our more affordable electronics products going refurbished doesn’t make sense financially but for the good of the environment it is still the best option. Using refurbished products is a way of recycling whilst still getting value for money and the use of premium products. Buying something like a wifi signal booster may not be the best idea as it is quite affordable new but if people are selling them second hand or reconditioned then why not go for that option? Most electronics stores are now adding a refurbished section where as a few years ago it was something that the large chains in particular wanted to stay away from for various reasons such as brand and quality control.

There is still a stigma attached with buying second hand goods. Quality is the main one and also image but with most brands standing over the product this surely can no longer be an issue.



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