The new T10 Plus Android TV Box – Why we think it’s the best yet

So anyone who is into their technology will by now be familiar with the fast becoming famous android tv box. For those who don’t know what an android tv box is it is basically an android version of the Apple TV that became so popular over the last few years. And for those who don’t know what Apple TV is then stop living under a rock…just kidding! Apple TV like the android TV box is a small device that connects to your TV and allows you to play apps via your TV hence turning it into a smart TV. So for example on the android box you can access Google play store which has thousands of apps on the box such as skype, gmail, youtube plus whatever else you want to download.

T102So why are these boxes now so popular? Well they allow you to access thousands of movies and TV shows as well as live TV threw apps like sky go and netflix all through your TV hence eliminating the need to buy or rent DVD’s. There is a lot of different models out now in the market which can make things fairly confusing for people. Anything that runs on the android operating system basically runs the same content so the difference in the boxes is usually in the hardware. Most of the boxes will come with 1GB of RAM and run android kitkat 4.4 operating system however the newer boxes such as our favourite T10 Plus box runs the newer lollipop 5.1 operating system which is slicker looking and runs great on the T10 box which boasts 2GB of Ram.

We think that the T10 will become the most popular box in the market yet and that is really saying something after the success of the M8 model android TV box. As it is just a once off fee for the box we feel it is better to spend the extra bit for the quality!


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