YI Cameras launch their official UK Store

For those of you who are not familiar YI are part of the famous Xiaomi company who are almost like China’s answer to Apple. They have got a great reputation for having high quality products that are usually a fraction of the cost of their western company competitors. Xiaomi do a huge range of products including speakers, TV boxes, fitness trackers and now they are really pushing forward their camera divison under the name YI. YI offer a range of very advanced cameras including dash cameras and also action cameras. They even claim that their flagship action camera model is better than the latest GoPro Hero4 and it costs literally half the price.

It is a sign of the times as ten years ago Chinese companies had a bad reputation for customer and quality but now they are seen as legit low cost options often with very good products and huge savings to be made. Their official store www.yicameras.co.uk has gone live and it is now fully operational. They sell a small but good range of high quality dashboard cameras and action cameras.

To help with shipping times they have moved many of their products to warehouses both in Germany and in Spain which means that customers no longer have to pay customs on their products which used go be sent from China. It also means that shipping times are now only a few days as opposed to weeks again from their main Chinese warehouses.


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